Creating Bliss

How Coastland Apparel Gives Back

At Coastland Apparel, our team is dedicated to providing the best outdoor apparel around, in both quality and design. But we’re much more than just an outdoor fashion brand. We understand the importance of giving back to our communities and growing the sports we love worldwide. We proudly partner with Pass the Handle and Wounded Warrior foundations, because we believe everyone deserves the bliss associated with getting outdoors and enjoying wake sports.

The team at Coastland understands the value of the “moment,” and our designs and our mission are both informed by this understanding. You know, the moment where all of your problems disappear, where you are one with the world. The one that is uniquely provided by becoming one with the water, whether your sport is surfing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, or anything else. It can come from rocking back and forth on the water while watching a sunset, sitting around a campfire with your family and friends, or just sitting in the warm sand with a cold beer in your hand.

Unfortunately, that moment of true bliss can be hard to come by for some people, whether they are restricted by physical or financial limitations. That’s why the Coastland team is working to create that feeling for everyone. We’ve teamed up with several groups in hopes of doing just that. We want to give back and provide an unforgettable experience to children with disabilities, families who are less fortunate, and soldiers who were injured in the line of duty.

Ways We Help

Our charity efforts strive to be as wide-reaching as possible. But we can’t do it all on our own — we’ve partnered with Pass the Handle, an excellent foundation which seeks to bring the joy of wakeboarding and wakesurfing to everyone. In addition to this, we’ve worked with various Wounded Warrior foundations to further our shared mission.

When you shop Coastland Apparel’s collection of wakeboard gear and surf fashion, you can take extra satisfaction in knowing you’re helping our mission. For every purchase made in our online store, we donate a portion of the proceeds back to the community to continue our mission of sharing the bliss. These proceeds go towards providing families with outings on boats, fishing trips, and the opportunity to go tubing and wakesurfing with their friends and families.

We also take every available chance to give back by:

  • Donating school supplies and clothing
  • Donating to Toys for Tots
  • Providing meals on Thanksgiving
  • Sending apparel and gift boxes to soldiers stationed overseas
  • Much more!

We believe our mission to create bliss for everyone shows in our clothing designs, our community events, and the charitable causes we partner with. Our goal is to share our passion for wake sports, surfing, and the great outdoors to everyone, and provide them with high-quality outdoor apparel that matches our customers active lifestyles. Further explore our website to learn more about our passionate team, and about Pass the Handle.


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